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Hordes of demons have ravaged the lands of Darion and defeated the troops of King Mark. Darion’s only hope is the legendary knight Sir Gilbert, but the celebrated hero has left long ago to explore the distant world of Teana.

Take command of Princess Amelie as she travels to the mystical and dangerous kingdom of Teana in a quest to find Sir Gilbert and bring him home. Armies of terrifying creatures and monstrous bosses all stand in your path. Go forth bravely and remember: the lives of the king and his citizens are in your hands!

– Standalone sequel to the critically acclaimed, multi-award winning King’s Bounty: The Legend
– A compelling blend of real-time adventure gameplay and turn-based combat
– Intriguing new storyline and a new continent to explore in beautifully realised 3D
– New bloodthirsty race of Lizardmen, along with 10 new creature types
– Your own pet dragon which becomes more powerful as you do and assists you in battle!
– New combat spells and magic
– Five new super bosses