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Asian version: voices Japanese, English subtitles.

Get ready to play what we all really bought the Playstation VR for: Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto – available exclusively in Asia! Not only is the much anticipated English version available on the PSN, but Namco Bandai have gone the extra mile and added a fully complete physical release, which includes four different DLC codes! April 27 will mark the beginning of your lesson, and having a timeless piece of memorabilia for one of the first true virtual experiences is priceless!

Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto is all about a young girl’s troubles in academics, and a tutor’s ability to help her. Players take on the role of both a mentor and a tutor and must guide her through the subjects she’s having trouble with.

Announcing the Package Bundle Edition of Summer Lesson. It includes:

– Summer Lesson: Miyamoto Hikari Seven Days Room (Base Game)*
– Summer Lesson: Miyamoto Hikari Second Feel (DLC 1)*
– Summer Lesson: Miyamoto Hikari Day Out (DLC 2)*
– Summer Lesson: Miyamoto Hikari Extra Scene: Café (Outfit & Situation)*
– Summer Lesson: Miyamoto Hikari Extra Scene: Grand Fireworks (Outfit & Situation)*

* All codes (DLC) will only work with PSN accounts from the same country (region)