Koop USB Link Cable with Media Manager (Datel) nu voor € 8.00 via Gta-v.nl

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The first thing you’ll need if you want to make the most of the PSP’s media features is a USB cable to connect it to your PC. But Get Connected is no ordinary USB cable, this one comes packaged with exclusive MAX Media utilities for your PC and PSP, designed to streamline the process of running your favourite music, movies, images and, of course, games on your PSP.

Simply use the cable to connect your two machines together then run MAX Media to transfer files to and/or from your PSP, convert files to different formats, and even download/upload game saves. The size of the files MAX Media deals with is limited only by the size of the memory stick you use.

Reports suggest that memory sticks of sizes up to 8 whole gigabytes will soon be available – that’s enough for several full-length feature films! It’s so simple to use you’ll have a vast digital media library in the palm of your hand in no time.